Original Mattress Factory – What You Should Know Before Buying From Them

For the Original Mattress Factory it is important to live up to the company’s established philosophy of providing a restful and healthy sleep through innovative mattress designs. Its product line has been attracting considerable attention thus far. It has pretty tall claims for a mattress brand that has only been around for more than a decade. But what is important is whether or not it is even ready to deliver and live up to these promises. After all, it’s one thing to say that you’re the best that the market has and being the best is quite another.

The question that most consumers want to ask is this: does Original Mattress Factory even stand a chance in the midst of the tough competition? The popular contention is that people are still trying to decide on whether or not they are better off with a newbie in the market; that or they should just stick to their old trusted brands.

Product line

As far as the product line is concerned, there really is nothing remarkable about the Original Mattress Factory. In fact, it offers practically the same type of mattresses and uses the same technology as the more popular brands. It features its own line of orthopedic, foam and latex, and classic inner coil lines. Each product promises a restful slumber but there isn’t much that can be said about why the company’s product line should stand out.

True, it doesn’t have the usual frills that the more established brands boast of. It doesn’t offer complicated innovations that will not really matter to the consumer because all he wants to find out is if the mattress is comfortable enough. Deprived of the “impressively engineered designs” typical of the older brands, it is a huge wonder that the Original Mattress Factory has managed to even stay afloat through the years.


It may not have modern innovations that other mattress brands have but it does offer something that they cannot go back to: simplicity. The most interesting thing about the Original Mattress Factory is probably its ability to go back to the basics while still producing decent products that can be at par with the best in the market.

Consumer reviews

Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of user reviews for this particular mattress brand. Either users were satisfied with the product but not enough to warrant gushes and praises, or the company hasn’t quite tapped into the market that it aims to conquer. It’s best to assume the first one. Based on the product profile, the mattress only offers the basics so there isn’t something that will warrant high praises – at least, not at the moment. Durability is probably up to standard considering that Original Mattress Factory uses quality materials.

Overall, the mattress is a good choice for people who want an affordable mattress and are not too particular about details. The Original Mattress Factory is still capable of giving the consumer a good value for his money but that’s only because it hasn’t gone beyond offering the basic comforts that any mattress should have. For this, the brand gets a score of three out of five.

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